The journey ,To a wonder place

The place where no pollution and no traffic, no artificial decorations.
Everywhere only creation of god an amazing and beauty full experience for a human who are living their life exotic and busy.
That is a place where almost like green color carpet which has laid on the earth, where ever you see you will find trees and number of birds, and different kinds of animals, and you can also experience a different kinds of sounds from birds which are not seen in other places.
One road which will started from ‘rampa chodavaram’ and end with ‘badhrachelam’ about 100 kilometers it will be cover with full of trees.
And weather is so cool if we step outside and took a long breath we will forget our self and our problems, it creates peace of mind and people will enjoy every movement in that place, it was fully covered with fog and clouds, and the water flows through small channels and water falls which will flow on the top of the hill to earth.
And the sounds which will come from waterfalls and from birds is like a melody which comes without using any instruments.
In that an amazing and fabulous thing is rain in that place every day rain will come, that rain drops are so heavy and it will come and hit our faces very strongly and if we are going through motor bike we con not able to open our eyes and the road was fully cover and nothing can be visible, the road is very sloppy it will create fear but that is a great experience.
And the main important part is food which will be available there is ‘bamboo chicken’ and ‘bamboo biryani’ it is very delicious if you are food lover than you will eat two or three bamboo chicken, it can be prepared by local people and their monkeys which will come to grab what is in your hands.
the place is a heaven on earth which I think everyone have to add on to their bucket list.

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