The illusion of comfort

Nothing in this universe should be meant for lifetime if it hinders one from developing, exploring and learning. Even the most protective shell of mother’s womb is temporary and thus created by the nature; a new born has to undergo the pain to write the golden pages of his destiny. To shine, a person needs to witness glitter once which is not possible until he travels the dark. Developing both physically and intellectually are the aspects necessary for the complete growth of an individual. And intellectual growth is possible only when one wishes to take the challenges and always strive to acquire better expertise.

“Break the shell; let the cracks speak of its fragility.”

Comfort is an acceptance to monotony and disabilities which we acquire when we do not dare to practice new version of activities. Isn’t it true that mind becomes dull and loses power to reason when we do the same routine work? Yes, it does, when we neglect opportunities that test our dedication and capabilities. It has been truly said that, “God help those who help themselves”. Until one stands to travel the mysteries of the happiness and goals, he won’t find the beauty of magical events that help in crossing each obstacle. Walking on new terrain holds one more significance in life; it brings the supernatural confidence in oneself that has the power to outdo every facet that brings you down. Travel, read and master things that interest you. Talking about pursuing our interests and doing adventure reminds me of the video, “Everything is Possible” by Sandeep Maheshwari. I shall mention few of the powerful lines:

“More the awareness, more the possibilities in life. He can learn anything and progress in it quickly. And when you are merge with this awareness. There will be nothing impossible”. Supporting his words, awareness is possible when you travel; consistently work on fresh domain, breath air from every possible land.

There have been many instances in my life where I found my friends and relatives too rigid to accept the changes. One of my friends never willing to leave her home town and remained bounded with limited options for career growth. Why do we form a mindset that happiness lie only within our defined arena of comfort? We, the human beings have been gifted with the power to explore and learn. And this willingness to be curious is an instrument where we play tunes of our accomplishments. Then why to keep them buried under the cocoon of fear for the results, austerity and hardships. Rather we should be optimistic and perceive the better outcomes of the step taken forward with each passing second. Optimism is a carrier which certainly takes you to a new height where you will feel the change in yourself, your inner soul, mind and senses. You will find yourself more energetic and with higher potential. And perhaps if you could not fulfill your desires then you will fall with gravity, with a spark of endurance. They themselves are one of those greatest achievements which set examples to form powerful human spirits with a taste of experiences and a pinch of failure.

We temor to stretch our arms beyond because we feel weak. And become vulnerable to what others would say at the rejection. Here we do one mistake of measuring success with materialistic happiness and counting on the wealth. But success is not the crystalline happiness; it is content of the soul and inner spirits of mind where there is no space for regrets. Transform your individuality with each breath till your soul is garnished with extra knowledge. “I cannot do this, it is far beyond my reach, I don’t have the enough capabilities”, these are negativities we design which restrict ourselves from discovering the secrets of the universe assigned to our birth. Who are we to define such limits before actually travelling the turns in the path?

Words put inside the brackets never hold uniqueness to the story. And the same scenario happens when we cease ourselves from moving out of the carved measure of inches. If you think you can have one magician who rolls his wand and all your dreams get fulfilled and suddenly you find no boundaries and lock ups to your reach then perhaps you are wandering into completely unrealistic thought process. What could be the magic for the destiny ? And who would probably be the one spirit practicing such crafts ?

From my perspective, magic is the three eternals words of human race that is hardwork, dedication and perseverance. And no can practice it for others. Therefore stop closing door to changes rather welcome them with your sole courage and say yes to it.

Quoting the example of our mighty soil which holds no shape and existence in its raw form on land. Till the same soil is digged out of its well settled bed and travel to potters and artisans to be built to take form of pots and statues of different Lords. Nature has not created soil to refuse and define it’s ease. Moreover it shines more when it is polished. I shall conclude with a saying by Manoj Arora, “Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world.”

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