The Fluctuating Emotions

A typical human nature i.e to possess different fluctuating emotions! As there is a quote which goes on

“The Emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…..”

– Nicholas Sparks

You know! We get emotional for everything even though if we are in silly situations/ Happy or even at worst situations. Perhaps! The Emotional Fluctuations is considered to be a normal stuff! But the truth is it’s “not at all”.

I know we are humans but still it’s not at all, because, you never know when these emotions will literally break you from inside as well as from outside. Every day we do face some situations which can be a benefit to us or it may be any event which makes us sad and broke us from inside. These situations will have a positive as well as negative impact on us.

As a normal human being, it’s our right to come out from this. To achieve this we have to first find a way to manage our emotions which are done by:

  • Recognise what an emotion feels to be like
  • Analyse the causes for it
  • Pinpoint your feelings
  • Avoid taking any kind of drugs
  • Stay focussed on our goals

Other than the above points jus “HAVE FAITH IN YOU”, whatever may come into your way!.

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