The factors that define a “SMART RECRUITER”

The role of a recruiter has been changed a lot over the years now. It is not just been working only on portals, so cold calling and feed some few data in emails and process it. The process and responsibilities have been changed from the scratch. A recruiter must be super awesome in marketing and negotiation skills along with a great technologist and detail oriented. So it is a great mix of an artist and a scientist which combines to be an awesome and successful recruiter.

Creative + Scientist = Smart Recruiter

“ The best recruiter can woo the most passive candidates but the relevant data should be needed to influence them and make them convinced to offer the role.”

To a Creative Level:

Perfect Match-

Recruiters need to make a great connection with the hiring managers and the candidates to understand each other’s needs and provide the right details to both. They should know how to have a strong network and navigate skill sets, personalities, work culture and make the perfect match for the organization. As a recruiter one should keep the needs of the hiring manager and the candidates which will help each other to grow.

Story Teller-

Recruiter needs to be a great storyteller. They should have each and every detail of the roles, technology, why the hiring is done, the importance of the role, the career growth on the role etc. They should know how the pitch into a conversion and go along all the important information to be conveyed to the candidates in such a way that they should feel how important they are for the role and how they are fitting into the role. This actually gives them a clear picture of whether they are the right fit for the role and even a recruiter should keep a track that what exactly the candidate is looking for or expecting out of it. When the conversation is strong enough then builds the relationship.

A great Dealer-

When as a recruiter we have been into building the pipeline, making long tracking, doing talent mapping, road-mapping, lead-generation, build the database and overall closing the deal with on-boarding the candidates. It takes a lot of follow-ups and builds strong people skills and negotiations to win the situations. A great dealer to win from both sides (Hiring managers – candidates).

Talent Adviser / Career Consultants-

This is one of the vital parts of a recruiter. If he/she is great as a Talent Adviser / Career Consultants then they are a success as a recruiter role. This role is not easy to deal with as recruiters will be dealing with the people and also their emotions. When we build a strong network and relationship with Hiring Managers and candidates then a recruiter becomes a trust-able person for advising any candidates on the career path and also to the business on critical talent trends. This will fetch them a great place for taking the right decisions for them.

To a Scientist Level:

Data Mapper-

Recruiters should believe in data and numbers will not only help them make better decisions but will also earn the trust of others. They should live only with data and keep a close traction on everything they do and get. It goes like “ If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”. Every data and number will add value to the work and that is how a recruiter can be on top of their roles at any given point in time.


Well, this is one of the important factors that drive any recruiters to be smart enough to know in and out of the things on technologies, companies and market demands. Until and unless a recruiter plays a role of the researcher taking time for themselves to research on everything related to technologies, how companies are doing, what is going on in the industry etc. These things will make us more confident when we interact with any hiring managers and also candidates by providing more information and understanding of the roles.

Be a Tech Geek-

Recruiters need to love technologies and innovations. They should know what tools work best and find the right talent pool to make the best fitment to the needs. They should know the different tools available and know how to use them will make the process to get talents in a limited time and make the business run in a most effective way. Technology does not only means programming languages, coding etc, it also means bringing technology and innovation to the recruitment field as well.

Be an inspire-

As a recruiter, they should know to read the candidates and hiring managers thoughts and know to how positively influence and inspire them with our knowledge and details on things. When somebody starts influencing them positively and bring excitement over the conversation then they listen to your suggestions and ideas and definitely we will be a smart recruiter with no time.

Every person as a profession develops some major skills in their career which will make them succeed to next level and expertise. The same applies to a recruiter as well, they have to up-skill on the mentioned factors to be an expert in their field and drive over the competition. When you stop diversify yourself from others your growth stops then and there. We need to bring excitement and experiments to our work to make great innovations and become superheroes in our profession no matter which role are we into. Everybody needs to be smart and skilled with all criteria needed to be awesome at work.

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