Kaku, you always manage to bring beautiful flowers, where do you get these from?
I know you must be roaming all around Kolkata to get the best flowers for kakima, said Diya, a fifteen year old girl, who used to stay with her kaku and kakima.
Diya’s parents died in an accident, when she was just 2 years old, since then her kaku and kakima had been her lifeline.

Haha, yes beta, said an 42 year old man, Mr. Aman Banerjee, who was a well known doctor in the town and Diya’s Kaku, but where is Sapna?

Kakima is not in her room, I am not sure where she is, said Diya.

Ohhh God, how can you let her go outside her room, you know her condition, Wait wait let me go and find her near Puja ghor ( a small room for god, common in Indian household).

Aman’s house was located near kalighat in Kolkata.
beautiful rose garden, with fountain in between, two swans swimming all across the fountain, bricked house, an elegant portico or ” gaddi barandah” ( verandah for cars) called in Bengali and an essential in Indian bungalows of that time, stone clad and a small verandah.

Aman’s house was a perfect definition of a Bengali home.

Aman used to go to the market everyday to get Juhi flowers for Sapna, as she was fond of them.

Sapna……where are you? Sapnaa….Ahhh here she is.
said Aman when he moved toward his Puja ghor, I know you must be sitting here, see what I have bought for love Juhi flowers.

You bring flowers for me every day, ask me to wear this, who are you?
I don’t know you, said Sapna, Diya’s Kakima.

Sapna, I am your husband, you have not taken your medicines again? Diyaaaa…….Diiyaaaaa, I have asked you to give medicines to Kakima.
I had given Kaku, said Diya, who came running to the Puja ghor.

Aye noooo….who this girl is? She was giving me something to eat, ask her not to come, I don’t know this girl, and a….nd tell me where is my son?, Said Sapna.

Diya you go to your room, I will take care of Kakima, said Aman to diya, as Sapna’s condition was detoriating.

Diya went to her room and through the window she peeked outside and saw her kaku taking care of Kakima,

She opened her dairy and started writing.

“How can he be so calm?
How can he be so generous?,
He never fails to take care of Kakima,
What if Kaku is not there?

Kaku and Kakima met during Durga puja, that was and unusual meeting, Kakima used to stay in Kaku’s Para,( neighborhood in Bengali)
One day while returning from library, Kaku saw kakima , open long hair, red and white cotton sari, simple and beautiful, it was love at first sight, kaku fell in love with kakima but kakima at first was not sure about this,
though they became good friends.
After a year, when kakima was about to get engaged to someone else,
Kaku gathered courage and had written a letter to kakima,

“The day I saw you, the day I met you, I had never known, if you would be someone else’s,
I would be left alone,
Yes I love you and I had never expected I would love a girl so much.
Trying hard to forget you, I would get my heart crunch,
Times have changed and after too long I have been bold enough and ask,
Will you be mine for the rest of your life?”

To which Kakima had replied:-

” You gave me chance to be yours it was a blessing, you gave me opportunity to walk with you it was amazing, When you became the reason of my smile nothing else seems pleasing.

So Aman here I accept you,
and they got married,

Things changed when kakima’s baby was about to be born. Kaku says kakima’s condition is because of the death of her newborn son.
Kaku was out of city at that time, it was because of the unprotective measures for the birth of the child in those days, the boy died, that’s when Kaku decided to become a doctor, he wanted to improve the condition of the village as no good doctor was available nearby.
I am so inspired by kaku, i wish i could be like him one day.

Kaku says learning has no age, and says ” I WISH I COULD TURN BACK THE CLOCK AND BRING THE WHEELS OF TIME TO STOP”
Stop the time to become a doctor that time, use medical facilities to protect my son, stop it and feel the happiness of getting a newborn as a gift from god.
Stop it and save my wife.
After the incident Kakima was diagonised with short -term memory loss.
When Kaku’s friends asks him to get married again, kaku says:
” Breaking up and moving ahead is mere infatuation, being in love is a different situation.
people in relationship seems to be well refined, after all love is feeling that can never be defined.”

10 years later……..

” Every direction I move in is an impression of your foot steps,
every decision I take happens under your guiding light,
every challenge I conquer is a result of confidence you have bestowed in me,
Every Success we achieve comes with a learning you bestowed upon us”

Thank you Kaku for being with me and inspiring me.
said Diya on her medical convocation speech, as she had topped In her college.
Diya and Kaku runs a small nursing home together,
Diya arranges a mental health awareness camp every month. Kakima and Diya are best friends now, and Kaku still brings Juhi flowers for Kakima and still answers all her questions patiently.

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