As we know that technology has been a very beneficial thing for every individual, organization etc. across the globe. But it also carries a negative consequence on the employability of the individuals. The question is whether technology is increasing the employment or dampening the employment opportunities.

Technology is making many jobs simpler but also replacing the manual efforts. Hence resulting in an increase in the unemployment rate. The most affected ones are low-skilled workers who are technology unfriendly. However, at the same time employment opportunities are on the surge for those who are technologically skilled and IT educated.

The growth of technological use is increasing the economic growth for nations by increasing the output levels, efficiency, and productivity. It is being beneficial as it is simplifying the jobs of people by sharing the burden of their tedious and complex work. It helps people to do their work with efficiency without much efforts that they need to complete that work manually.

Technology is increasing the employment opportunities for people those who are technology friendly and know how to make the best use of technology to generate revenues. It is benefiting these people very much in the form of their career growth and revenue generation by increasing the employment opportunities for them.

On the other hand, technology is hampering the growth of low skilled labors as they do not possess the skills to make the best use of the technology. It is decreasing the job opportunities for these people. They need to be good at their technological skills to survive in this competitive digital era.

Hence the thing is that technology is not increasing unemployment actually but needs technologically skilled labors and helping humans in making their jobs simpler. It may be reducing jobs but also generating a similar number of jobs as well because it cannot work in isolation.

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