Taxi Fabric Gave This Delhi Auto’s Dull Interiors A Makeover and The Result Is Awesome!

Have you Bored with old yellow – green  coloured rickshaws? 

Auto rickshaws in Delhi (Capital of India) get a makeover as artists take inspiration from Dilli Haat  and Life of Ghalib . Yellow- Green colour of rickshaws are replaced with calligraphic text .

 Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib is the one  whose  love for Delhi   has inspired a an artist to write the legendary poet’s name on the inside of an auto’s hood.

Artist (Sanchit Sawaria) says – I am a big fan of Mirza Ghalib’s work . It would be interesting to theme auto rickshaws on him and  illustrate the intricacy of his poetry and life in the Capital.

 Sawaria is also working with another Jyotimayee Patra in Taxi Fabric project .This project is founded by Anant Ahuja who promotes and encourages an artist when he or she is brought on board to be part of such a project .  Patra found her inspiration, to makeover an auto rickshaw, from the popular crafts bazaar Dilli Haat.

Artists focused  Delhi connect in its interior , this is the main reason of choosing Delhi Haat . visited the place and observed it very carefully, before setting down to give the auto a makeover. The cultural nuances and the artifacts for home décor is what I have used in my illustrations. I tried to give a completely different look to the vehicle,” says Patra, who worked over a month on the auto.

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