Fashion is the trend of clothing which we follow in our daily life. Fashion & carrying yourself in front of someone matters every time.  But we also have to represent ourselves in front of others showing our personality, status as we have heard “First impression is the last impression”. So first impression can be given by our looks only.


Now in summer also we can wear classy clothes. No need to wear heavy clothes which makes us uncomfortable & tired in summer days.

As there are many alternatives for girls in their wardrobe, it creates confusion for them. If you are office going girl you can wear you can wear shirts-trousers, Kurtis with your comfortable ballies or flats. If you are a college going girl you can wear short/long maxi, jagging-top, shirts, flowery dresses which makes them feel cheerful all time. If you are going to a party, you don’t need to wear so heavy-shiny clothes; just wear light & simple clothes. Wearing light &


simple clothes showcases your personality & status not heavy- shiny things. Mostly girls likes & wears high heels but it is not necessary wear whatever in which you feel your comfort zone.
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Boys are not having as much alternative in there wardrobe, they just have shirts, t-shirts, trousers, blazers for them. So they can wear light colour, cotton shirts & trousers, no need to wear blazers all time in office.

In summer colour of cloth is a matter to think when we are going for shopping in summers. We should always buy light colour, lightweight & loose clothes. You should avoid black or dark colour heavy dresses mainly in noon. As they absorb heat a lot and you feels hotter in them. Colours which lets you feel relax, energetic, cheerful are white, pink, blue, yellow, peach, all light colours ; they doesn’t absorb heat so you feel good to wear them.

According to me summer fashion is wearing light weight, light coloured, smart clothes.

Happy Summers Ahead……

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