Success is Social Work

Mukesh Ambani India’s richest man till now India’s most valuable business is earning money from oil but now one man have proved that if we want to be successful in life we should have a kind idea in our mind and this thinking of people welfare took him to heights of success although he was already rich but now he made a milestone of unbeatable success she supported all Nations present PM idea of making in making India Digital India now jio is the largest network in India with very excellent network streaming in olden days hardly very few peoples are connected to digital life but now we can actually say that India is making progress in digitization in last 1 years Reliance have increased there total earnings up to 38% now we can say that India is really going to digitization now the latest news is coming that jio is launching their keypad phones with 3 years of calling free this will be the great step of India towards digitization.

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