Soul connection to spirituality

I was wondering how soul connect to a God?
How people do worship, do tapasya a lot in earlier times and get fulfill their wishes and desire by the vardan of God ?

Is this so interesting or amazing thing !

As we all know we are going through in this lockdown period we are getting time to relaxing our mind ,relaxing our soul by engaging ourself with our family members and by watching spirituality serials also.

When lockdown started I started watching Ramayan and Mahabharata these two religious holy book. I came to know that people do lots of tapasya like rishi muni like saints who do tapasya by sitting lonely at the Himalayas without eating food, without drinking water and sometimes they don’t breathe also to get their desired fulfilled by the God.

So why should we need this ?

Is god will listen you by your worshiping?

Is god will not listen you without worshiping?

Then what’s the answer?

I think god will listen you by your good deeds:-

• What you behave

• What you react

• What you speak

• What you think

• What you listen , your soul will automatically get  connected to your god , if you want to connect with God then only we have to think that “What  we are doing” as it is depicted in Mahabharata also when Lord Krishna says that “karm karte jao fal ki ichha Na kr” jaisa ham karm karte hain vaisa hi hamen fal milta hai, agar hamen sacche Dil se bhagwan ko Khush karna hai na to main apne Karm par bharosa rakhna chahie , apne man mein bus bhagwan ke naam ka Jaap karna chahie bhagwan apne ap sun lege.

If you truly wants that your soul get connected to spirituality then we have to believe that god is exist ! Hamein vishwas hona chaiye ki upar baitha hai koi jo humein dekh raha hai, hmare karmon ko parakh raha hai tabhi ham kuchh Kam soch smjh kr sakte hain. Hamen man mein  bus ek hi vishwas rakhna hai ki ham Jo bhi karte ya sochte Hain vo sab bhagwan dekhta hai aur bhagwan hamare karmon ka fal avashya deta hai. Hamari aatma pure hai, hamara man pure hai, hamara dimag pure hai, to bhagwan ko hmare pass aane se koi Nahin rok Sakta bus dusron ke liye karm karte jao, unke liye achcha sochte jao ,unko Khushi dete jao, Khushi doge tumhe Khushi apne aap khud milegi .

Kehate Hain Na “Give Respect Earn respect” but main Khti  hun “Give Smile Earn Smile” and “Give Happiness Earn Happiness.”

Hamen bus khushiyan deni hai agar hamare charo taraf khushiyan hogi to khud Khush rahenge

Agar hum Khush rahenge to hmari atama Khush rahengi

Agar hmari atama Khush rahengi To bhagwan Khush rahege

Aur jb hamari soul  Khush rahegi to bhagwan se connection to banaa hi lenge.

Kehate Hain Na har ek insan mein sixth sense hota hai Jo Kabhi jb hum bura karte Hain to hamen indication milta hai ki  you are doing wrong agar humne vo sixth sense identify kar liya understand kar liya aur galat kam karne se apne aap ko rok liya to  vahi hamari jeet hai.

If you truly want to connect your soul with God then just spread happiness ,spread smile ,spread positive vibes around you and definitely god will connect to you .

that’s why I am saying don’t feel nervous don’t feel fear during this pandemic just relax your mind, just take deep breath ,keep smile on your face ,bring smile on others face and definitely you will cope up with the situation and god will connect you deeply one day.

Stay safe! stay happy! and stay smiley!

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