Ma….I m sorry. I was just 12.

Sorry Ma….I was 12 otherwise i could have told you that that old uncle who used to take care of our pets & properties touched me badly. Only I felt was pain. But why didn’t you teach me about good bad & bad touch… only because i was 12…huh… But i am sure you must have taught me if you had not trusted him.

But why that school teacher didn’t teach me??Why Ma…??? They supposed to teach us goo, right? I think our syllabus, class work & homework were too much to teach & learn. But if we had carried one more book in our overloaded school bag then I could have soughed when that happened to me. Mum…I m not blaming anyone but I should must be taught in my 12 then…

 Sorry Ma but me too when i was just 12…..

Today a 21 year old girl can understand what happened to her 9 years ago. But why it took 9 years to understand it. Why a girl didn’t aware in her 12 why in 21?? Again I am not blaming our Indian government nor Education system. Take a pause & think how interesting our syllabus is? How our education system is? You have your answer along. This is not the story of one girl, this is the story of 3 out of every 5 school going girls. 

Ladies fight for your right no one else will do”  

My question to every ladies on earth Do we need #MeToo movement? Do we? I think No. We just need to Speak up, raise your voice instantly when any idiot harassing you, humiliating you by touch, words or any means. Just raise your voice instantly no one will dare to humiliate you.

Don’t wait for any MeToo Movement, sought out instantly and bring #HeToo Movement                                                                                              

Break the silence



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