Sonam Kapoor got Invitation from Harvard- Just check it what is in the Invitation

Is Sonam Kapoor to be a part of HARVARD’S new Gender Series ? 

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor had done so many movies in Bollywood and her neerja had made a  strong benchmark on film industry .She played a fearless flight attendant in her award-winning outing as Neerja.  Interestingly, in real life too, Sonam Kapoor has always spoken her mind uninhibitedly on a number of subjects – be it women’s issues, film industry or the society in general.

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Sonam Kapoor is known for her candid nature . Now she is ready to join Harvard Business School‘s for special talk . According to the HBS’  research centre- as part of the Best of Harvard in South Asia platform – conducts lectures, roundtables, panel discussions and debates around substantive topics that are relevant from an Indian perspective.This Institution has invited sonam to join on July 14.

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The event will be curated at a hotel in south Mumbai. “I look forward to joining the conversation conducted by the HBS. I think the subject is very relevant to times that we live in,” told an excited Sonam.

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