Social distancing or physical distancing

The time in which we are living nowadays is very crucial and challenging.This period will ensure our living style in future.Some rules and regulation will be followed for lifetime.Which are these?    The answer comes that we should take precautions like wearing a mask,using sanitizer etc.and maintain social distancing for lifetime.Am i right, is it social distancing?
Social distancing sounds like social cutoff from your family friends and society. Actually it is not social distancing,it is physical distancing. Professor Jeremy Freeze (sociology) says that “social distancing makes it sound like people should stop communicating with one another, while instead we should be preserving as much community as we can even while we keep our physically distance from one another”.                                                                                                                         Physical distance means distance between person to person. It never refers to the distance across social boundaries. In today’s circumstances not only physically health but mental health is equally important parallel.                                                                                                                      If you feel a person may be contagious you should draw a line of physical distance inspite of making him/her feel that he/she is contagious or untouchable. Have you ever thought about doctors, nurses, policemen and all other corona warriors if they start maintaining social distancing , what will happen? All over the situation could be more critical , dangerous and terrible. The situation is not like that because they are maintaining physical distancing and trying to treat the illness and social hazards.
We have to keep in mind and make an effort to maintain social harmony with physical  distancing.

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