Should You Stop Eating to Save Your Kids?

  1. When was the last time did you check the source of the food that you or your kids are having in a day?
  2. Did you try checking from where those fruits and vegetables have come to your kitchen?

Let’s take a step back and think – why don’t we look for authenticity of fruits and vegetables? On the other side,

A. When we buy medicines, we verify expiration and manufacturing date and sometimes even we check authenticity of brand also.

B. When we put gas/petrol in car , we try to get it from authentic gas station and trust worthy brand.

C. When we buy packaged food, we check manufacturing date, its ingredients , sugar content etc…

But the open food (fruits/vegetables) that we are having everyday we don’t even bother to understand: –

How many days old these vegetables are?

What kind of insecticides are sprayed on these fruits?

Which soil medium or chemicals are put in the soil where these fruits are grown?

Which set of farmers are growing?

“It’s surprising, right?

We eat everyday these so-called fresh vegetables or fruits, but we don’t even care about the genuineness of these!

Just a fact to let you know, a single bunch of grapes that you or your kid had last time was most probably sprayed with 50+ chemical products before coming to your kitchen. Mind you, all of them can’t be washed away with water.

So here, I leave a thought for you – Should we think what we are eating or just ignore the harmful effect of those chemicals that are consumed by our kids through these fruits and vegetables!

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