Shifting To a New Place

How does the thought sound? Bad? Upsetting? Exciting? Well. It’s a mixed feeling because you are jittery about what would happen.
I went through the same a few months back. And then I ended up taking the plunge and I shifted to a new place. Tadddaa! One flight of a few hours and a new place. The new place hands you with a new life. There are two sides to this. Either you fall in love with the new life instantly or you hate it.


The latter happened to me. I had to adjust or at least try and adjust. The new life was hectic and is still hectic but I am left with no other option other than to just ADJUST. Adjusting and trying to adjust I have just learnt one thing, it’ll be difficult but you don’t give up. I felt all alone but then I realized that life is a journey and you need to walk alone, no one would be there to walk your journey because they are busy walking their own journey.

1. This is your life and you need to see that:


This is your own life and you need to live it with full of courage and courage. No one is going to help you achieve your goal. The world is full of mean people. So, the decision of shifting to a new place is your decision, so live it fully.

2. Don’t expect people to always be by your side: –


When you shift to a new place, you meet new people and start off your new life. Never trust of new surrounding instantly, instead take some time and then make a decision. Because in life you always have to walk alone and achieve your zenith. No one is going to come and hold your hands in any circumstances except your parents.

3. Don’t lose hope and always tell yourself that you can and you will do it, ALL ALONE:

Whenever you feel alone in your life, never lose hope. Talk to yourself and your parents and I am sure they will help you out as the way to success is only through oneself as no one else. Be confident always in your life and live ahead with respect, dignity and self-confidence.
4. Try to look at the brighter side to things:

There are always two expects of life – negative and positive. Always look over the negative side first and then make decision because you never know when these side of the thing can lead you down in life. Always look into the brighter side when you are into a new place as it helps in building a confidence in own-self whatever be the circumstances.
5. Your happiness is your own and only you can make yourself happy:


“AKELA CHALO RE” is the phrase I follow in life. This will lead you to success and will make you self-confident to overcome real life situations. Live your happiness as it is going to make you happy and not other. Others don’t bother about your neither the reason behind your happiness.


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