Section 144 Imposed in Panchkula, Rohtak, Dera, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana

You all know about the Violence & tension being happened now a days in districts of Haryana like Punjab, Panchkula, Rohtak, Dera, Gurgaon, Ballabgarh for Baba Ram Rahim. The followers of him are creating a nuisance on Roads – creating problems, difficulties for others as well.

I can’t get it is this really worth for doing like this for a Criminal. They are supporting it, Can’t they see what he did? Or the thing is not happen with them or their loved ones thats why they are behaving like this.

The Magisterate of Haryana has imposed Section 144 to maintain the peace in cities, states of Country. 

According to Section 144 – there is a restriction for people to go out of their homes in the security of citizens in that country. Not only this, traffic is also completely blocked in this period. Along with this, there is a complete ban on gathering people together or roaming in the group. During this period, all legal rights are given to the magistrate of the area, which is the responsibility of restoring the peace system. During this violation of the law, there can be a sentence of up to three years, with heavy fines or both. 

Massive violence has followed the conviction of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on Friday by a special Panchkula court, holding the Dera Sacha Sauda leader guilty of rape.

The situation deteriorated soon after the conviction was announced and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was taken into custody.

There have been about 300 incidents of violence reported from across Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi. So far, 31 people have died and about 250 have been injured in the violence which ensued after the court verdict.

The Haryana government seems to have failed for the third consecutive time in assessing the situation while allowing the law and order situation to drift.

The date for today’s hearing was known much in advance. Besides, there were proofs of Dera Sacha Sauda and Baba Ram Rahim galvanizing supporters. They had even been posting their messages on the social media for the last few days.

There were intelligence reports too fearing violence.

The Haryana government could have imposed prohibitory orders in Sirsa, Panchkula and adjoining regions or areas of Dera Sacha Sauda’s influence.

Secondly, the state government should not have allowed Baba Ram Rahim to travel from Dera Sacha Sauda’s headquarters in Sirsa to Panchkula as a hero. There were over 100 cars in Ram Rahim’s convoy.

The government should not have allowed more than half a dozen vehicles, including those carrying Ram Rahim’s relatives, staff and security personnel, to accompany him. The remaining vehicles should have been detained.

Third, the government should have called more security forces to man Sirsa and Panchkula. It should have made adequate arrangements in other cities as well.

The epicentre of violence in the wake of Baba Ram Rahim’s conviction has been Haryana. The violence, which started from the state, has spread to adjoining Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Hence, a large part of the blame for the violence needs to be shared by the Khattar government.


According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), the damage was to the tune of Rs 20,000 crore but other industry sources quoted a figure of Rs 34,000 crore.

Reportedly, 33 buses had been set on fire and 99 others were partially damaged. Out of 387 LPG companies, 185 are out of stock. More than 25 petrol pumps had been damaged.

Chevrolet and Hyundai showrooms around Rohtak were burned down and in total, more than 200 cars that were in stock had been set on fire. The Munak Canal was also damaged.

Here too the Khattar government was accused of mishandling the situation, failing to make a correct assessment of the situation and taking adequate measures in order to stop violence from taking place.

Today, in the Ram Rahim case, Khattar has defended himself saying that the Haryana government had made complete arrangements but “the mob was really huge”.

This argument is unlikely to be accepted by the Opposition and the people in general. In the days to come, it will not be a surprise if the Opposition demands Khattar’s resignation.

Today, according to sources, Panchkula & Rohtak are seemed to be same regular day as always. There wsa No Violence or terror on streets. Police & Army are still keeping an eye on all streets, markets, gathering areas to maintain peace in City.

I hope the people, followers can use their mind & understand that he was a criminal & he needed to be punished. If he gets bail he gets encouragement for all this.

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