School Life : Most Wonderful Life !

School life the most wonderful & memorable time of our life. We spend or I can say live our 14-15 year in school life. Schools are not only for studying they are building a small child to an adult teaching & inculcating good-habits , manners , discipline  , difference between good-bad , importance of time in him. It has rightly said “Teachers are our second Mothers”. They makes us a good person enhances our personality through her love, care & sometimes scolding too.


Apart from studying how can we forget masti of all 14-15 years. School timings from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm & these hours were full of masti, enjoyment with learnings.

The memories are still alive of class. The fear of sitting on first bench when homework not done. Doing masti with friends in Morning Assembly teasing one another standing in a queue. Eating lunch in first lecture & passing it in the whole row. Fighting for some special dish in lunch. Sitting on last benches & doing homework in going classes. Asking stupid questions from teachers & then gossiping when she is explaining. Making puppy faces when test not prepared for post poning the test. Coping teacher’s body language, face expressions in class. Playground gossips, fighting, cheating-in-games & then getting one of the friend angry & then others concern towards him/her. Making noise in free lectures. Going for checking arrangement after every lecture. Going for filling 3-4 bottles in hand. Waiting for holidays, getting holidays homework & then saying “Itni si chutti & itna saara homework de dete hai”.


Teachers emotional blackmailing lectures during class. And after listening it we think yes teacher is right “We’ll study from tomorrow hard” and after sometime saying “aise hi bolti h sab, padhte h hum; ho jayega abhi time h exams mein”. Breaking the rules of school, it was really a fun.

At that time we all want to leave this rules & regulations life; just want to live in freedom. But now we understand living in freedom is not much great then breaking rules & regulation.

Now we are free, so far from restrictions; but today we miss alot want to live it once more. We spend our most of the time thinking & dreaming of future. Never fully enjoyed the present. And then later want to live that past. Why this human nature is so weird?? We are not happy at a time always lives in dreams. So live in Present, forget your Past & create path for your future….

KEEP SMILING!! BE HAPPY!! Enjoy every single second of your LIFE……  

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