Rohit Bal Calls Out ‘COPYCAT’ Behaviour…Find Out the Whole Story Behind It..

Designer Rohit Bal is out to target plagiarists, pointing out copies of his creations on Facebook. Here’s the complete story.

Plagiarism is hardly new to fashion — be it in India or on the global stage — but thanks to social media, copycat behaviour has become easier to catch. And, the same came in handy for designer Rohit Bal, who spotted a copy of his creation on Facebook.

Model Amit Dahiya’s profile picture, a shot from designer Seema Mehta’s collection, had him wearing a velvet mandarin-collared jacket with distinctive floral embroidery — a creation strikingly similar to Bal’s design that he showcased for his Summer/Resort 2016 Collection in Mumbai. Incidentally, Bal’s design was also worn by Dahiya on the runway.

After noticing the similarity, Bal posted a strongly-worded status update on Facebook and Instagram: “The original by Rohit Bal on the ramp. The fake by some parasitical designer. Adding her name would be giving her unnecessary publicity. We are surrounded by wannabes and parasitical desperate designers who should really hide their heads in shame and not strip this creative art of all its dignity and respect. Shame on you SM. She has also used the same model. Just the height of blatant shamelessness and utter disrespect for this profession. Feeling disgusted and appalled.

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