Rocking Mommys!!!

Mother is the most beautiful creation of God on this earth. Mother’s adoration can’t be contrasted with anything in this world. She forfeits her bliss for her kid. Mother’s affection consistently empowers, in any fall, which comes throughout everyday life.

Rocking Mommys

Mom’s love isn’t just spoiling her kid yet additionally telling her youngster about the good and social qualities. She is the one in particular who changes over a house into ‘HOME’. Mother’s adoration resembles a gift of God. “God couldn’t be all over, and in this manner, he made moms”.


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  1. Arnev says

    Amazing blog

  2. Reeti says


  3. Ashok says

    Nice described

  4. Vikas says

    👍Welldone.Good to see you.content is very well.keep it up

  5. Deepak R Hemrajani says

    Truly said. Mother is the most important creature in this universe. Hatts off to the writer. Amazing and wonderful content.
    All the very best 💐💐💐

  6. Aarav says

    Beautifully explained the importance of mother in our life. Get motivated and will keep in touch with morning tea to read some more articles in section rocking mommys

  7. Ekta says

    For a mother is the only person on earth who can divide her love among 10 children and each child still have all her love

  8. Arohi Arora says

    It’s so true

  9. Arohi Arora says

    It’s beautiful

  10. Ashok Chauhan says

    Absolutely true, very well said 👍👍

  11. Sanchita says

    Beautiful. Mothers are truly wonderful gift of God. Very nicely written.

  12. Ambika says

    Nice start

  13. soniasharma says

    Superb ! great article !

  14. meenagrover14 says

    beautiful as always. moms always rocks 🙂

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