Reliance Jio SIM Cards are for everyone, but here’s the Ground Reality

Reliance Jio Launched Last week, there has been a great excitement on everyone Faces For a new network. Now a days a Reliance Jio are highly in de2_090616085822mand because of free calling, SMS packs and no roaming charges. The network of this SIM is completely free everyone able to use 4GB Data daily with at 4GB speed.
The problem is there in the Reliance Jio SIM Card is that it is earn harder and harder to obtain a grip of a Reliance Jio SIM Card Now. Gadgets 360 want to some reliance Digital, Reliance Digital Express Mini, and third party stores that sell Reliance Jio Connections and in all of these we were told that the SIM Card are not able to use for an unlimited or an unspecified period of time. Reliance 360 Extend out to Reliance Jio multiple Times to learn about the nature of the Obstruct, but got no Official, Reaction form the company.


The SIM Card isn’t working on all Mobile Phones. There can be some Reasons to this. Here are a few ways to fix these issues:jio-sim-card-reliance-jio-lyf

  1. Firstly, if your phone is only 2G/3G Compatible you won’t be able to use the Jio SIM.
  2. Secondly, A dual SIM Phone with 4G enable on only one of those slots need to insert the jio sim card on the 4G. Enable Slot and not any other.

3. For those who already have the SIM and unable to make calls a calls or receive not registered prompts, or are with any signal bars, switch of your phone and reinsert the SIM in the primary slot that the Data option is switched on for the primary slot and is set to LTE/4G configuration.

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