Recollecting Childhood Memories – Cutest Blue Octopus : OSWALD

Childhood without cartoon is incomplete. Let us go back in time and recall those carefree days of our childhood. Childhood days are full of imagination and dreams. Fun never ends is the “funda” of childhood. To have fun, kids indulge in different activities like playing, drawing, and even fighting with their siblings. Above all these fun activities, kids love to watch television, especially cartoons. It becomes really difficult to move them from their seat while they are watching their favorite cartoon shows.

Cartoons just like kids, narrate innocent stories. These have nothing to do with the hardships of real life, out of the world emotions, drama and facts. Cartoons create a world to which kids can relate to. The extra ordinary energy and powers of the main cartoon character makes them a favorite among kids. Also, the victory of good over bad allures the kids to a great extent.

Remember Big, Round, Blue – Coloured Octopus  with his Orange Oval Dog? 

Oswald was a cartoon show that aired on TV when cartoons were tolerable and kids weren’t getting lessons in mythology while watching them. it wasn’t the greatest of shows but it sure was entertaining. It had songs, some really diverse characters (like a talking snowman and a flower) and Oswald’s not-so-adventurous adventures made for an interesting watch.

Some of the Good Moments of Oswald and His Friends 



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