Rape Culture :-Itself an Irony

Lets talk about unusual things we listen almost everyday about rape ,,,,its a world wide issue not specific to any one country. This assault Culture influences each lady. Even there is not age limit in rape victims. The assault of one women is a debasement, dread, and restriction to all ladies. Rape is the 4th most common crime in India against women. According to NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) statistics 2019 further show that out of 278 cases of rape with murder registered across the country, Maharashtra has recorded the highest with 47, of which two cases were registered in Mumbai, followed by Madhya Pradesh (37) and Uttar Pradesh (34).

In terms of rape committed, Maharashtra ranks fourth with 2,299 cases behind Rajasthan (5,997), Uttar Pradesh (3,065) and Madhya Pradesh (2,485). As many as 10,472 cases of intent to insult the modesty of a woman were registered in the state, after Uttar Pradesh (11,988) and Odisha (11,308).

In last few years we saw some notable incidents to open one’s eyes i.e 1992 Ajmer rape case, 2012 Nirbhya case ,2015 Ranaghat rape case (where a 71 year old nun was gang raped in Ranaghat) ,2018 Kathua rape case , Unnao rape case  and many more . Now a days Hathras gang rape case was in lime light where a 19 year old Dalit was allegedly gang raped by four upper caste men , after fighting her life for 2 weeks she died in a Delhi hospital. So one can say though we are living in educated era but facing these assault culture every time.

Most of the Rape is also underreported because victims fear they will not be believed. Many rape cases end up being “he said, she said” because there is no physical evidence. If there are no bruises or cuts on the victim, it is difficult to prove rape. The emergency room doctor can do a rape kit shortly after the attack to see if there is any evidence. However, even if bodily fluids are found on the victim, that only proves that there was a sexual encounter, it does not prove whether or not it was a consensual act. Many rapists may use verbal threats to get the victim to comply, so there may be no physical marks or bruising. Some women fight back, but others do not because of fear. Rapists may have a weapon they threaten the victims with, so it may be smarter not to fight back in that case. However, this makes it difficult to prosecute. If victims know that there are no bruises or cuts on their body, and it will be difficult to win a case, they many not even report it.

Survivor’ pain: There are many consequences that can arise from rape for example the victim can get pregnant or get transmitted diseases , severe injuries , mental trauma and  Some of the symptoms include “fear, helplessness, shock, disbelief, guilt, humiliation, embarrassment, anger, self-blame, flashbacks of the rape, avoidance of previously pleasurable activities, avoidance of the place or circumstances in which the rape occurred, depression, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, and impaired memory”  these symptoms greatly inhibit the victim’s ability to heal and move on with their life.

How to stop:

“If men remember that women are their mothers, daughters, and wives they may change their laws”

  • Sex Education : In India we developed in a male dominated environment with less or no knowledge about sex education. Sex education should also be a space to learn about menstruation, sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases and risks of pregnancy. Young people also need to know about the risk of sexual exploitation and abuse. Teach your children’s about good touch and bad touch that will help them escape from such situation.
  • Empower Women : Its refers to making women more powerful to make them capable of deciding for themselves. Women have suffered a lot through the years at the hands of men. In earlier centuries, they were treated as almost non-existent. Education is the basic need for women now a days as they are married off earlier ,They don’t have any kind of freedom i.e. where to go , what to wear etc.
  • Strict Regulation: A system that deals with rape cases expeditiously from arrest till the execution of sentence and no one is spared. The message should go out loud and clear that ‘no one is above the law’.  We need to prevent rapes from happening. Prevention and not punishment is the solution and that requires concerted efforts on part of all the stakeholders.
  • Self Defense : Girl may learn self defense techniques so that they can protect themselves in their worst situations it may build confidence and positive influence in females.
  • Stop teaching don’t get raped , start teaching don’t rape.

The best thing you can do to safeguard yourself from rape is-raise your sons, brothers and male friends properly. Teach them to take no for an answer respectfully.

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