College life is a totally different phase of a student’s life which makes you learn a whole lot of things and have an experience of the real life world. College is the first step to become an independent and a successful person in life. You just have to adapt to the changes and make the best out of it.

I know I sound too philosophical and boring so without wasting any of your precious time, let me enlighten you with some kickass points that will definitely make you feel better and confident about yourself in college.

Well, what if i tell you “IT IS ACUALLY FUN“? Well kind of…

So brace yourself! *DRAMATIC MUSIC*


  • First and Foremost. You can never be liked by all. There will be people who would either think that you’re a loser or the frickin BAWSE! Nothing in between. To some you are too dumb to talk to, or too boring, or too emotional, and the list goes on. Everyone is different and they have varied perspectives and mindsets in life. You just have to find the right ones and get along with them.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with all the information you get to receive at the initial days of college. Things might seem like its Rocket Science but you’ll slowly get used to it. There’s always a first time for everything. Right?


  • Try creating a good bonding with your classmates and roommates as they are the ones with whom you’re going to probably spend the rest of your college life. But that doesn’t mean you bond with anyone and everyone. Not everyone in this world is trustworthy, so choose your friends carefully. Friends can motivate and support students, but friends can also pull them down academically and emotionally.
  • Always have a ‘ME TIME’. Play Video Games, Watch Movies or TV Series, Read books, Write in a Diary. Do anything and everything that keeps you occupied. Because as the saying goes “Khaali dimaag shaitaan ka ghar hota hai“. 
  • Try new things. You should always be eager to try new stuffs. Like learning a coding language? Never be afraid to fail. Failure is a step forward to success. We can never grow by doing the same things again and again. Always be open to new challenges and give your best to achieve them.
  • Google and YouTube are your best friends. Our girls Google and YouTube are the most powerful people on the internet. They are like the Watsons to our inner Sherlock. Their ability to find anything and everything should be claimed as brutally godlike! All hail them for answering every lamest, creepiest, craziest stuffs ever.

  • Dress the way you want to, maybe to express or maybe impress. 😉 (don’t overdo it tho)


  • GO TO CLASS. Going to class is 90% of passing a class. 90% of any success is showing up. Moreover you def need a 75% attendance. So yeah, LET THAT SINK IN.

  • Internships! GET INTERNSHIPS. I repeat: “GET. THEM. INTERNSHIPS.”

  • Last, but not the least: You won’t function nearly as well if you’re dead tired all the time. Instead of staying awake and wasting time for nothing important, just go to bed.

In a nutshell, College life is like a roller coaster ride! You don’t have to be afraid of it but you should rather enjoy it. Just be strong enough to go through all the ups and downs in it.




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