Prevailing startup culture in India


With a new wave of self -reliance and self- sufficiency, number of startups in India have been drastically increasing. Increase in facilities like crowd funding, financial aids and subsidy by government, collateral free borrowing, support by venture capital firms and the idea of building and running a new business has lured the Youth of New India.

Number of youth are betting their ideas , fresh college graduates are coming together to launch their own product and services but they face many hurdles like lack of business knowledge, less investment in research and development lack of proper team , unsustainable business model ,lack of innovation improper use of funds are some major reason behind forceful shutting down of startups. Working hard consistently for years and still failing is emotionally exhaustive and drains your energy.

In lieu of following passion and matching to modern day requirement, youth today jumps into business field giving less importance to knowledge and experience. Lack of focus, motivation, commitment overshadows their efforts and hamper their decision -making capabilities. Under pressure of managing paper- work and documentation, raising fund and access to social media network, the main idea and innovation leaves the gear and falls back on the backseat. Often dream model are not able to withstand reality so, changes are being introduced at every step that take away the remaining charm and uniqueness of a business model.

Indian venture capitalists believe that Indian startups lack on innovation, new technology and unique and efficient business model. As per a report by IBM ninety percent Indian startups fail with in first five years.

My point here is that even though dreams are the reason for our existence but following your instinct does not only mean owning your business. There is nothing offensive in working under others’ guidance. Good mentorship broadens your mental horizon and helps you to climb the ladder of success. Ideas properly implemented and executed by job professional help accelerate their career. Nine to five is not as boring as it sounds. Many companies are coming forward with new policies to provide space to employees like flexible working hours, work from home, job with travelling opportunity, bonus for extra hours, giving opportunity in the field of research and many more. One needs to realize that cultural pressure of nine to five is overrated.  Moreover, stable income acts as a supplement to mental peace.

I know finding a job that fits your requirement is not easy. Point here is that do not mirror yourself to opinion of others, take command in your own hand & introspect yourself – analyze your strength and weakness then choose and decide the better fit for you. You are unique and only you can decide if you are suitable for a job or a startup.

Everything taken into consideration, bottom line is, think before you act.

Do not get swayed by lofty dreams, get balance in life, enjoy it, feel peaceful and laugh your heart out.

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