Present generation mentality-Marriage the only option left for a woman to get rich?

Hello everyone,

I apologize for abruptly starting my post without the first paragraph full of niceties, i was upset today after again and again hearing the same old statement i have heard from the present generation youth.

i was talking to my friend regarding work, how i want to fulfill all my dreams of being the great sportswoman as well as a business woman, so that i could buy own house, car and go on a world tour someday, i was really happy to share this idea with a male friend of mine thinking he would support my idea, maybe help me with getting started or at least encouraging me that i would make it someday in sha ALLAH, but to my surprise even he said that ” GET MARRIED TO A RICH GUY” i wasn’t quiet expecting that answer from him. This mentality of the youth has to change if they want to change the society’s mentality that has affected the youth. Especially women who say ” KISI AMEER LADKE SE SHAADI KARO AUR APNE SAPNE PURE KARO”. i also have heard ” MARRY A ENGINEER OR ARCHITECT AND LIVE A HAPPY LIFE”. i mean aren’t we females educated to support ourselves ?? Don’t our male counterparts receive the same education we do?? yes ,we all went o same school and we had the same syllabus then why such a thinking???

All the women out there if you don’t want to become a victim of a rich man, who takes special favours from you by taking advantage of your financial weakness then you better start working hard for yourselves in the end everything falls at place just pray and have faith. why is the youth today having such a mentality that if any woman comes up with the idea of being rich ask her to get married to a rich guy. what makes them say this??? do they think woman aren’t capable of becoming rich, prosperous and successful on their own with hard-work and dedication like the male counterparts???

i am embarrassed to say this but i have heard this even from the woman themselves that if you want to be rich “GET MARRIED TO A RICH GUY” who puts these low self-esteem thoughts in their minds?? .why cant a woman be rich on her own, why does she have to marry that rich guy to get what she wants. I have never heard anyone say this to males that,” if you want to fulfil your dreams or be rich marry a rich woman” , though there might be few cases where this must have happened but mostly its the women who have listen to such crappy statements. its saddening sometimes to me, people don’t believe that woman can make it big too.

Getting married to a wealthy guy just for the sake of fulfilling you dreams which seem to be difficult isn’t the solution. its like a sponsor cum life partner, i know becoming rich can be difficult but not impossible many woman have reached the top on their own, nobody told them “GET MARRIED TO A RICH GUY” if you want to get to the top and fulfill all your wishes. i don’t like the idea of anyone dominating woman considering her as a ‘WEAK GENDER’ but woman is not weak this a word given from the society to us women to make us more weak.

“MEN and WOMEN are EQUAL”. I told my friend marrying a super rich guy isn’t the solution to my problem, the solution is to work hard, to make it big, if men can make it big on their own, why cant women? whats lacking in us? i would have been happy if my male friend would have have told me to “keep patience and courage everything will turn out good in the future just keep working hard to achieve your goals”  and this is not the first male who came up with such a discouraging statement.I am a hard-working woman and educated, why should i get married just because i have a dream of becoming a prosperous and successful woman. i am capable of  earning . Males have dominated woman and underestimated woman for a very long time its time to change that attitude. I say work hard don’t depend on anyone make good relationships with people, be true to yourself and to others always, do not listen to your brain always the thoughts which stop you from coming out of your shell ,take risks, explore i know its easy to say all this but have anyone ever tried to act upon these formulas which can lead to success. I am not just saying this while i sit and i write this i am already working on this formula myself of self dependency and its really working for me Alhamdulillah.

Don’t limit yourself to your ideas bring it into action, why to depend on marriage?and the rich guys? i have only one thing to say to all the women ” if someone tells you to get married just because you want to become something big in life, then just ignore them,if it disheartens you” keep striving for your future and remember GOD ‘pray’ and be grateful.


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