Pranab Mukerjee Bids Goodbye: Highlights from Pranab Mukherji’s Farewel Speech!!!

JULY 25: Pranab Mukherjee leaves the highest office authority Of the country as his successor Ram Nath Kovind takes over. Full of proud, nostalgia and optimism, he delivered his last words as a President of India!

Let’s have a look at the Highlights from his Farewell Speech!!

  • Hamid Ansari begins farewell addressHamid Ansari, who served as vice-president for five years, calls the President of India a “consummate diplomat” in his farewell address, as he recounts a long and distinguished career.
  • Pranab spoke of ‘Argumentative Indian, not Intolerant Indian’Vice-president Hamid Ansari recounts the time spent in the last five years under the Pranab Mukherjee presidency. “Our traditions have encouraged argumentative Indian, not the intolerant Indian,” Ansari recounts Pranab Mukherjee as telling him.

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