Playing Too Much Video Games Might Affect Your Health

Most of the time your mother must have screamed at you for playing video games for so long hours and of course you haven’t given concern to it.

This is an addiction with video games which don’t allow you to rest or use your mind anywhere else unless you have won all the levels.

This has been revealed in the studies that video games have a direct relation to neurological disorders due to which it may affect many health problems.

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Champs who play action related video games are at higher risks to attain health problems .The more you get involved in such games the more they will affect your brain , memory and emotions.

Let us read some of the signs which may signify certain complications arising from these games –

  • Spending more hours on the laptop/computers/Mobile can badly affect your eye power, memory and emotions.
  • Getting more involve in it, You devote less hours for your family and friends
  • You get quickly irritate when someone stops you in the middle through your game.
  • You block yourself socially and show sign of mood swings
  • Unable to track your whole day when get busy into playing games
  • Neglecting your studies repeatedly and it give fullstop in performance at school

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Why does this happen?

 All of the above hints indicates that sooner or later you might develop neurological problems when you spend a lot of hours in playing video games.

One of the biggest reasons behind this is the lack of self-control. Most of the video games will encourage you to steal cars, run away after a theft and kill your enemies. Moreover, if you succeed, you are rewarded. This naturally unleashes an evident urge for the accomplishment for all these awkward desires in your real life too. Hence, once you are encountered with reality, you tend to show  violent behavior.

Everyone is aware that nothing is bad but getting addict of it can harm us only so you can play games but dont let it affect on your health.

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