Peer pressure

How does it sound? Depressing right! All of us in our life’s have come across different situations ,faced challenges, have had bitter experiences and I have also passed these tests of life and the hardest one was ‘Peer Pressure ’.Peer Pressure is influence on a peer group, observer or individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, values or behavior to conform to groups.
There is always a change in life and I faced it in my high school .I was put into a convent hostel because my mother wanted me to learn something in life. There were the divas, the bitchy mouth, the nerds, the popular ones, attitude freaks and barely my type of people. I had the best and the worst experience there, through which I gained and I lost. I came across different types of people from different backgrounds, undergoing different situations in life and mine was one them.

As I was in the hostel, I had few friends who where hostilities. It was quiet different to cope with them, it was like a big gang and I was trying to fit in .They judged me, hated me, commented about the dresses I wore and about my attitude for sure. They treated me as their slaves, I had to do their work and act as they insisted me because I had none, no friends to talk to, and none to wipe my tear.

I had to tolerate it because I wanted to have friends, be a part of so called gang. But then the situation started getting worse .I was abused mentally. I couldn’t bear it, they once put all the wrappers in my bag, oil in my shampoo and my toothbrush was dipped in the toilet. I was harassed, I was panicked, broken and I realized that I was bullied.
I was torn into pieces; I thought I would give my life a break .I was just in a mental peer pressure trauma. I wept and wept, and had none to care. I was devastated.


I was dejected and thought I would end my life .looking at them laugh at me added salt to my wound .I didn’t sleep that night ,my mind was just numb ,I had to let the voices in my head to calm. They had told me to dream but never told me that nightmare was also one. I just left things as it was and I was wonder struck by the fire inside me which was still burning.
I wanted to show them that I wasn’t week nor did I want friends and I wanted to live my life for myself, because life wasn’t a story of Cinderella, to wait for miracles to happen but we were the miracles .I was the miracle of my life, but I never realized, as I was too busy dreaming about how I wish I had someone’s life rather than creating my own tale.
I stood up for what was right, I was criticized. I couldn’t bear it, but I did and I was amused that one of the girl from the gang forward and told that she dint like them but trying to fit in like I did. The fact about the society is that they never live for themselves.


This incident helped me to be strong, to be independent, to go through hell with a smile and mostly to stand for myself. I am sure everyone is facing some problems in life but are in different levels .

I would like to tell that, look at the problem, stare at it and remind yourself that it will burn because of the flame inside you. Remember this, when they burn you down, down to ditch, you’re a seed so rise up, show up and grow up because each and everyone has a vibration and energy to do everything in life. They had put me in here a cub, but I have came out roaring like a lion, and I have made all hell howl.


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