• Food defines the character of a place to discover it, one has to veer off the baten trace and explore regional culinary arts in small hemlets and villages in the country. The cuisine from the picturesque hills of kumaoun, as unique as its impressive culture and vibrant tradition.pahadi madue ki roti with ghee, hari sbji and aaloo ki sbji


  • Pahadi food is incomplete without pulses (dal) such as jholi (curry), bhatt ki chutkani, gehet ke dubke, chutney and vegetables like sisod ki sabji. kitchen of kumaun include a wide range of pulses and fruits,. Some typical Kumauni fruits are hisalu, kafal, kilmudi, malta and narangi. While juices preferred are buras (rhododendron), rose juice and malta juice. Commom pulses are gehet, masoor, toor, maas, til.
  • Languages- Mostly two languages are spoken in uttarakhand. These are Garhwali and Kumauni. Pahadi people also speak nepali.


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