We all searched for peace all around the world, sometimes in forest sometimes in mountain or sometimes in fulfillment of our expectation became our source of peace.
In this wrong journey and wrong thought process we all forgot that we kept searching for something which actually existed in our own soul.
A small child will pass smile to everyone without knowing and without any expectation because he is not concerned with the layers of paint of different colors of expectations, it is still in an original form of soul, peaceful soul.
Let us understand this with an example, if i am having a plate full of sweets and a person standing in front of me is also having the same but i am unaware of my plate’s sweet I will constantly expect that person to offer me sweets, if he does he is good and if not he is bad, if he doesn’t find peace and i am not restless, now change the situation, i am aware of my sweets, i will not have any expectation rather i will distribute even my sweets. the sweet is nothing else but peace , it resides in us but we forget this and keep expecting our mental and soul peace from others.
Peace is choice, don’t travel, run for peace, we all blessed with peace inside us.
example- I am a father.
I am a soul who is a father.
These two statements will change the entire meaning. the second statement is without expectation.
” we say expectation is normal” we forget the difference between normal and natural.
Our soul demands for natural things and peace is one of them, but the fulfilling it through temporary thing will push you even more away from being normal.
Its like…on the festival of holi, you are wearing the white kurta which is then of different acquired colors of expectation, greed, anger etc. but still the original color of kurta is white. Its in your hand that you wash the colors and come back to the original peaceful soul.
life is very simple but we ourselves make it complicated by creating a spider trap of expectations and greed from which its difficult to come out or even stay. we should simply enjoy this moment without thinking of past, future worries, people and their respected behavior. we should not make our own definition of good and bad universal. if all of us will be same then life will become colorless, so lets enjoy being a wonderful soul and company of other beautiful souls without any give and take business; that is expectations. Expectations will never end lets be hold each other without gives and takes

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