This is an ode

To the lost and lonely souls,

Searching for love in the hearts of others,

Acceptance in the wordS of others

And approval in the eyes of others.

The ones who fought a battle so hard,

It stripped them of their self-esteem

Putting them at the mercy of others to save.

To the ones who try to fill the deafening silence within,

With the noise outside;

Whose insides scream of disapproval

While they silently nod their heads in agreement.

Those who struggle to fit in this perfect world,

Because they were made too aware of their imperfections.

Here’s to the broken ones who lost themselves somewhere in the middle of nowhere,

And the ones who ceased to exist in their own eyes because of that one inconvenience.

Here’s to all of us.

To the doubt, the turmoil, and the chaos that broils yet hides inside.

Here’s the answer that we’ve all been searching for.

All we need is to try and find the love we lost ,

But there’s a trick that defines it all,

It’s about finding that love within ,

For all that we are, is at cost.

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