No matter problem is big and small just discuss it with your elders

so , as we all do in our life . We never share our problems with our elders and forgot that they have such a vast experience to solve it , i have some beautiful experiences of some peoples who describe “The person who learn with the mistake of his/her own is intelligent , but the person who learn with the experience of other is clever”

In a village , there is a house named santivan . And the popular thing of that village is the love of two brothers who live in santivan .

The elder one named ravi and the younger one named kishan, they both love each other and are very caring for each other . One day ravi and kishan planing to take bath on tubewell , suddenly one family came there and start bathing in tubewell , kishan said please don’t throw water everywhere near the motor because it causes a shot circuit in it. but they ignore him, ravi got angry and than start shouting on the family one of the boy from that family slap on ravi’s face , ravi didn’t do vice versa , ravi and kishan both go to their home and tell everything that is happen with them , father vijay is a farmer and he never teach his sons to fight with anyone.

Vijay take his steps towards tubewell and by conversation he solve the matter , Here ravi and kishan shows cleverness if they don’t complaint about the situation to their father , may be something wrong had happen . So experience work here .

As like this incident i have an another incident, which is about my friend . My friend sumona is doing a 9 to 5 job , normally she prefer train to reach her job place , the best thing about her she never hide anything from her grandmother as she love her the most .

Her grandmother is a very hard personality woman . Everyone scared from her grandmother , from many days sumona is observing that a guy stalk her most of the time .

And she tell all the situation to her grany , she give the description of that guy to her grany. Sumona know that the guy is from her area , one day her grany wakes up earlier , sumona has to catch the train so she is ready to go , her grany came out from the house and saw a boy is standing behind the wall of a shop , she knew that who is that boy , sumona’s grany stalk him .

That boy got afraid from grany , and after than never stalk my friend .

So, this is an another example which shows how things get simpler if you share them with your family members or elder ones .

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