It does not matter if someone believe in you or not,believe in yourself.Time has decided everything and same will come to you at right time.It can be that your inner potential is still unfolded but soon with your continuous efforts you will surely realise it.These challenges which you face now are just little ones ,the big giants are waiting .There is no problem without solution and none can make you feel low.

Keep yourself strong and mind free from worry.Your mind can not afford luxury of one negative thought.You have abundance of capabilities,find them,work on them and they will surely pay off in future.

Critism only make you strong and take them in this way only.Your past is not your present’s definition.Now,define yourself as a leader.Face challenges like a warrior.No one can supress your potential until your mind is a free bird.Other’s definitions are not your qualities.Take things lightly as the phrase say “NOTHING IS SIGNIFICANT AS SIGNIFICANCE OF NOTHING”.

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