My peaceful days
We all know how school is important. Every one tell us about this many time in our
School life .It’s just like a second home told by our teachers. We have to wear
Same dress in our school life. If you are in the same school like me.
But it’s not that bad .there are many thing which are good about it. We met our first crush school. Passing smile across the class during the lectures. Hanging out with friends .giving funny names to our boring teacher . calling them with their names after the lectures or when you have stiff with them .
Admiring the handsome guy in the class. And those bossy monitors a headaches for the whole year. We are most take a leave on the test days.
Bunking the class and standing in the washroom become a daily routine. Eating the lunch during the periods and roaming in school corridors during the break i have done this it feel awesome.
But the whole thing change at the mean time we enter the college. We have to do all things our self . there is a huge transformation between school life and college .
In school we are limited to our room . we have to make us adjust in the college .We have to think about our carrier
Raise your hand if you to want to be a child again.
. Family tons are very common .We can never be carefree as a child .
P.S. I miss my school

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