In sorrow you sighed

And when was asked “how are you?” with an “I am fine” you replied

But no matter how hard you try to hide

I know there were days you died

And covering yourself under the blanket, with the pillow all wet you cried

With your tears turning to tide

You still, never drowned just at times deeper dived

Staying cold to everything with a fire burning inside

Surrounded by “friends” who often lied

When you were left aside

 With no one to guide

Facing failures despite you tried

But my warrior!  You still always survived


No matter if you kept plucking stars

For the snake in your grass

or how almost everything you wondered was gold,often turned to brass

I understand how you were so disposed off to others

And now yourself a fish of troubled waters

I saw how you loved over head and ear

Despite of every scar and tear

I know they tried burying you unaware of you being a seed

While you kept watering them despite of them being the weed

Hopeful of love in this world of greed

I witness how with words world plays

Answering questions not with reasons but excuses

Still you kept coloring the canvas

With the prettiest possible shades

As if trying to defy how one day everything fades

And it isn’t recent to which all this dates


 I remember your teen 

When it wasn’t easy following a routine

Hard to explain everything through which you have been

Difficult to discuss all what you have see

Remember? When you looked into the mirror

Gazing at your own face in terror

Because your “well-wishers” convinced you,

you could have looked way better

Had your face looked a little brighter

And the same thought inside you used to slither

Causing your confidence to wither

So you smashed your face in glitter

But not the fairness cream worked not the masks either

I am happy to know now that these worldly parameters to you, no more matter

The skin shades and hourglass measurements just numbers for which you don’t bother

And later as an employee when the “expert”

Abused your every effort

And as you stayed calm mocked you as an introvert

And all the way as a girl, what since ages in your head has been fed

Is to know the importance of needle and thread

Significance of making round bread

Because your ultimate life goal should be, to have someone to wed

And then act obedient in bed


Understanding how the length of your skirt

And the needle of the clock are the measures of your character

The ‘dupatta’ hiding your cleavage the deciding factor

And as is obvious, virginity your scale of purity

With needless to mention of bisexualism being an abnormality

I am so proud you dared to fight for parity

Stood forward for such a perception’s clarity

Being always against this brutality

I salute your ever enhancing ability


As you finally understood , of all the odds you have grown

To the days that scratched your skin to bone

To the times you were blown 

Did nothing but give you the courage of standing alone=

You are not a fruitless tree,so is why stones are thrown

Just so is why stones are thrown


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