My First Day In Hostel

Memories of hostel life make me feel Happy. I miss those days very much. It has secured mixed memories which can’t be erased from my life. When I was doing my Diploma in Meerut (CHAUDHRY MUKHTAR SINGH GOVERNMENT GIRLS POLYTECHNIC) I stayed in a private girl’s hostel.


It was my first experience of staying in any hostel. Before that I had never been in any hostel. I was shy but want to prove myself into this new world so I was exceptionally energized.

My first day in hostel was a remarkable day for me. 6th Nov 2009 was the day when I went into this hostel world.  Hostel could be extremely refreshing for most of the student but for me it was a test.



I always remember those little things of that first day with my roommates, how they took the positions in the room.On the first day my father and cousin came with me. Bought all the things needed for the hostel like bucket, mug, folding, bed sheet, pillow etc. After arranging all the things into my room they left for the hometown.



It was for the first time I was in a hostel. One of my roommate was Jyoti. She was very quiet and simple girl like me. It was for the first time when I leave my home I was very sad.

I was missing my family, cousins and school friends. In the evening, first time I met to my senior but at that time I have no idea that she is my senior so I did not wish her “good evening”.



She becomes very angry with me and she scolded me very badly. I came to my room and started crying badly. After sometime my senior come to me and said that she has no idea that I am fresher. After a while I felt good. I finished my dinner. Dinner experience was very bad. The next day I had to go to college, so I quickly fell asleep.


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