Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan faced trolls this month over her religion.
Glowing in a pretty pink silk sari, Soha Ali Khan posted a picture from her traditional baby shower, but was trolled for donning a sari and was told that she’s not a Muslim. Soha Ali Khan posted a picture on Instagram on Tuesday for which she got hateful comments for wearing a sari.
Soha Ali Khan has been flaunting her baby bump and as of late shared pictures from her child shower where she was seen wearing a pink silk saree, and this clothing made a few people exceptionally irate who guaranteed that the Pataudi girl was “Not Muslim.” This silly remark was made in light of the clothing that Soha wore, and the on-screen character was trolled online in view of her clothing. Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu have dependably been addressed on different religious convictions, however this most recent troll took things to another outrageous. However, fans of Soha were quick to come to her rescue and shut the fans down.

Soha hasn’t reacted to any of the venomous comments, but when we caught up with her, she made her anger apparent. “My religion is my business alone. Whether I choose to do namaz or go to a church, how does it affect anyone? People shouldn’t bother about what’s not their business. I am all for freedom of expression, but being told how going to a temple makes me a non-Muslim is plain callous. No one has the right to say that. I am not a commodity and so, a particular community cannot own me. Our social fabric is so rich because we are diverse. Respect each other’s choices,” she says.
While most comments congratulated her on her pregnancy and praised her look, many even criticised her for her choice of outfit and not wishing her fans on Eid.

From going standing for Soha Ali Khan’s entitlement to wear whatever she liked to questioning the user and her thought process, Soha Ali Khan’s fans did it all and spared the day. While we have all seen these scenes of facing such trolls online who have neither rhyme nor reason however appreciate in spreading the negative vibes, the delightful demonstration of facing the trolls that were finished by Soha Ali Khan’s fans spared the day and let humanity prevail.
Soha, daughter of late cricketer Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi and veteran actress Sharmila Tagore, says she has as many fond memories of Eid festivities with family in Pataudi as Durga Puja celebrations in Calcutta. “Similarly, Diwali is celebrated with gusto at my home. That’s the culture India signifies, not the one of hatred that people commenting on my timeline are trying to propagate. I try not to be affected by it and frankly, as long as no one is coming into my private space or harming me physically, I don’t care. But those who are desperate to have an opinion on my life, at least try to have an educated one,” the actress says.
It’s such a pity that someone needs to explain their choice of celebration. Religious festivities were meant to bring people together, not create such baseless rifts.


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