Once upon a time in Delhi, I reached to my BFF marriage. The hall was packed with guests, delicious food, cocktail drinks, music & all. Of course I could say fairy tell wedding. “Marriage is fixed in heaven but celebrated on earth”…..Today’s I was experiencing it.I was happy for my friend that she is going to start her new life. I could feel the happiness in atmosphere but suddenly I realised the priest was chanting mantras in English. He must be rich priest I calculated inside myself.For me it was hard to believe because the priest was her mother better to say #21stcenturyMum chanting 7Phere for her daughter.  #7Pheres were listed below:

  • She will not change her surname after marriage
  • She will never to be forced for kids
  • She will take her own decision
  • She will continue her job if she wishes
  • She will not be forced to follow any traditions & rituals
  • She can come to her dad’s home whenever she wishes
  • She will be partner of half of her husband’s properties if the marriage fails

Strange but true the priest was the priest chanting mantras in sanskrit only. I just changed the Perspective of Marriage. Because I love my freedom & sky is the limit & never want to limit my dreams in so called Marriage.

“Perspective of  Marriage through her eyes”.

But why the Marriage is a barrier. Why I think after marriage I will not be what I am today. Why? Because in India we more focus on matching horoscope than thoughts of two people.


To be continued…
















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