Mischiefs and naughtiness at school age

Have you ever thought about your school life , when you are at the age of 30’s and 40’s.

I have a memory of mine , which i want to share in front of you and this memory make me laugh every time when i thought about it, i hope you also like it.

Girl push the bell
I push the button of bell of the corner room

So , once upon a time time long ago😂😂, not so much long , when i was in 11th standard our school decided to go for a three days trip in chandigarh . I am so much excited , i am a jolly girl who born with so much of naughtiness , next day we are ready to go on the trip unfortunately i eat so much of stuff that day which cause a lot of pain in my stomach when we are on half way to chandigarh, but there was no toilet in the bus and also on the way at all, after two to three hours we reached at our destination and everybody has to share there room with two more partners in the hotel, some of our school’s students are on the ground floor and we are on second floor, after dinner we all going to sleep and our teacher also told us not to came outside after 12’o clock , but i can’t listen to her properly my mind was stuck in thing something else like i eat so much of stuff today what if it cause pain in my stomach tonight , so now after dinner we all are in our room , in my room we are three girls me, divya, neha, suddenly somebody knock the door, i go to check out who is there but when i i opthe door nobody is there , it occurs two to three times and now i am in anger i found that there are some of my friends , who take the room next to us do this mischief to us , my mind run i i don make any complaint to my teacher , opposite to it my mind told me to take the revenge so i convince divya divya that when they sleep we do the same thing to them, and guess the time ,The time was 1’o clock. When all the floors slept in silence me and my friend divya came out of our room , and we rang the bell of the corner room

And then we just run from there , we got hide in the another room which was on the ground floor, students of that room trying to ask from us why we are here , i told them that , we doesn’t have soap in our toilet to wash hand , could you please lend me it, suddenly i hear lots of noise from the second floor , i thought that somebody complaint about us to the teacher , and i literally in so much anger that we do vice versa as they do so how can they complaint about us , but the things which are happen on the second floor told another story , i hear some whisper , that receptionist said that “This is done by your student mam, come with me and i’ll show you the truth”, and here i tried to conclude the situation in my mind , i know receptionist going to show that cctv footage to our teachers , i take that shop from the room and stop my mam and ask to her “mam what happen ??”, She said that somebody push the bell so hardly , it make a shot circuit in the room , and smoke is everyone in the room.

Teacher scold the student
Asha mam scold me in the night full of chilling

I know who is the culprit and now there is no any other way to escape from the punishment so i told mam everything “that i want a pocket soap that’s why i push that bell “, and it is happen unknowingly i don’t have any intension to do that “, I know it is a lie with a superb acting i am a born actor , by this i stop mam to go to the reception and after seeing my cute face she forgive me and told to go in room, i am happy that i escape from every thing , but may god doesn’t want this , there was another mam named asha who is like a hitler for us came , it was the time of cold she cover herself with a fur blanket , and she call us to came out from the room , i again make a cute face , she shout at us and ask that when we told all of you not to came out from the room after 12 what are you both doing out of the room , ??

Now my mind said “you are in trouble now haaahaaaha”, and i thought no small excuse work here , it’s time to rock , I make my eyes full of tears and said”mam all the things are happen unknowningly and i don’t have any intension to do this”, mam said “make a phone call to their parents”, i already know that nobody gonna call them at 2am , and i regret on my mistake again i said that “mam if you want to call than do it , but please forgive me please forgive me”, all of my friends make fun of me standing behind mam, because they all know , i am doing overacting , but after my acting mam got melted and said “Don’t cry my baby it’s ohk ” , and that night gone with so much of fun , next day nobody has the guts of playing music in the bus , i request to mam , all the three days passed with so much of fun .

I know lie is not a good thing , but i do it for escaping me and my friend from punishment because she was crying so much seriously , and she got angry from me as i convince her to do this all,

But never do this kind of adventure , never lie with anyone or sometime “Tit for Tat” is not a right way to teach something to anyone. I hope you like it .

Thank you so much to read this.

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