Happy lifestyle means not only the good body but our mind and soul also need to be cheerful.

All efforts like following diet, exercise regimen, proper sleep have been made by us but still belly fat is not going off. What can be the issue? So in this blog, I am telling you about some habits to involve in your mealtime. Happy lifestyle does not change only your body but totally do a makeover of your attitude and mind.


  1. Eating in raw form

Include veggies in the form of salad like cucumber, carrot, radish, beetroot, tomato, onion, American cucumber or kakri etc.

Make habit of eating salad 20 minutes prior to your lunch or dinner.


  • It will suppress your apetite by keeping an eye on your food portion size and reduce your bloated tummy.
  • It makes your gut bacteria strong enough which helps food to digest easily.
  • Raw veggies boost your immunity power as it contains more nutritional value of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients compare to cook form.
  • Eating veggies in raw form boost mental health and relieves depression.
  • Raw vegetables require more chewing, thus slow down the eating process and promotes in weight loss journey.
  • Raw food contains more water-soluble vitamin B and C which keep us safe from many chronic diseases like obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes.
2.Water intake

Warm or normal water, apple cider vinegar water, ginger or jeera water or any other form water intake is essential.

Make habit of drinking water 30 minutes prior to your main meal.


Boost your digestion and flush out bad bacteria.

Some people forgot to have water throughout the day, so they drink excess water at night. The next morning their stomach becomes so tight and feels bloated. The solution is to keep a water reminder before 30 minutes of lunch or dinner.

Ginger water is also a good option as it reduces acidity and develops an alkaline environment of the body.

3) God prayer

Always thanks to god for the food we eat .In schools child learned a prayer and they say some beautiful lines by folding their hands to feel obliged to almighty at lunchtime.


4)Sitting on ground

Always sit on the ground while eating and enjoying your food at breakfast, lunch or dinner time


Cross-leg sitting maintains your appetite and your stomach muscle demand less food. At our dadi and Nani time or in langars always sitting on the floor is preferred as we are connected to ground and positive vibes came which make us feel happy.

  • Cross-leg sitting position or Sukhasana pose send signals to the brain which prepares our stomach for better digestion.
  • Avoid overeating by sending messages through the vagus nerve to the brain by alerting our body that we are full or not.
  • Improve body flexibility as it stretches knee, hip, ankle, spine, pelvis, chest and prevent us from many diseases as well.
  • Keep body and mind at peace

5)Chew slowly

Always adopt a habit of chewing your food at least 32 times


Chew slowly mix maximum saliva with our food and improves our digestion capacity. Compare persons who take big bites in a hurry and engulf their food always have bloated belly fat.

  • Chewing food slowly break food into smaller particles thus allow good absorption and retain more nutrients from it.
  • Reduce pressure on the digestive system as eighty percent of task is done by mouth and twenty percent of effort need to be done by alimentary canal.
  • It improves chronic health conditions. Ayurveda said: -Daanto ka kaam aanto ko na de. But in today’s life the opposite situation is going on and we can see its result. So it is best to set a timer about 20-30 minutes for each meal.

6)Meal gadgets- free

With technology advancement,  parents and children are more focusing on gadgets like laptop,television,smartphone,tabs etc and less concentrating on food what and how much we are eating as both are going side by side.


It is very important to maintain good relationship with food and proper signal connection between food and mind, body ,soul should exist.

It avoid overeating and we know what and how much nutrition intake in our body is taking place and in turn make us cheerful and healthy.

It promote family bonding. Advanced technology provide good knowledge and opportunities for children and family members,but nothing can replace face to face interaction and sharing knowledge with kids.

Kids easily learn by observing their parents food choices, while limiting use of electronic devices help them to incultate healthy eating food and beverages choices.


7)  Options for Sugar cravings

It is our daily habit to eat sweet after  every meal and as result refined unhealthy form of sugar is going inside our body and creating so many health hazards.

So go for saunf, munching ajwain, small piece of jaggery or small elaichi helps in digestion,cut down your sugar cravings in a healthy way  and keep your mouth odour fresh.

8)Make a movement or walk

Always go for 15 minutes of walk after lunch or dinner makes your food to digest easily and make you free of bloated stomach.


Mantra to live happy and healthy

Developing these habits need determination, patience, constant efforts. So it is high time to pull up your socks to win this battle of life.

So ,I hope my friends this blog might be useful for you. Once try to adopt these simple  but marvellous life changing habits in your  daily schedule, a big smile with healthy body is waiting to live  joy full life ahead.

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