Mental Chaos amidst covid -19

Calm mind and vibrant body is what one requires for smooth running of life.However, in the last couple of months with the onset of covid-19 in India and sudden lockdown by our honourable PM has startled everyone as every soul is finding ways to cope up with stress and anxiety. We all have been on house arrest with no escape and within fraction of seconds hundred thoughts pop up in our mind revolving around past mistakes, dull present and an obscure future . This mental enigma is too much to handle for young minds. News channels flashing constant increase in the tally of fresh covid cases and increase in number of reported deaths is making us more vulnerable and testing our mental strength.

Moreover, aftermath of the lockdown is equally horrific. We are free to move but are still locked in our houses as fear instilled in our minds is comparatively wrecking more  havoc than the actual virus. Presently we are trapped in the regular habit of fretting over unnecessary stuff and repleting our brain with negative information. Amidst all this what we are forgetting is that we are unaware of what the future holds for us and when this situation is going to get any better.

We need to understand that this time is very demanding in terms of mental strength as everyday it gets hard to feel at ease amidst fear of covid and our lingering hope for vaccine. We need to lift ourselves and prepare our mind for an uncertain future. This is the time for us to give time to our mental and emotional selft and to control our inclination toward negative thought pattern and try to deviate our energy in some productive work which gives our mind some peaceful time away from this mundane world. Need of the hour is that we  prepare ourselves to tackle all hurdles in the near future as this is the new normal mental setup we need to inculcate.

Losing hopes and giving up can not be considered as an option in current situation as we should believe ” This to shall pass” and there will be light on the other end . Tears will turn into joy, hardwork will pay off and soon we will be in our happy space. The strength we show today will shape a better human out of us tomorrow. May be another year, may be next time but we will feel normal again.


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