Makeup tips to always look great in pictures ! 

We always feel guilty of asking the photographer to take another picture when we don’t like our-self in it. Or when our friend posts a picture on social media in which we are not looking our best.

Unfortunately,there is no way to predict when you are going to be ambushed by a camera, or when the lighting would be perfect.

Lucky for you, we have got some simple and great makeup tricks which will make you picture-ready in no time!

1. Prep your skin:


Soft and hydrated skin is equal to a seamless foundation application. Hydrate your skin by drinking a lot of water. And, Keep your skin constantly moisturized by using a perfect cream for your skin type.And keep on dabbing away the excess residue using blotting/tissue paper (eg; kara tissues).Doing so will soak up the excess oil from your face otherwise that will interact with the flash and create hot spots.

2. Brighten your eyes:


The brighter your eyes look,the brighter your face will look in your pictures ! Squeeze eye cooling drops (eg:Rose water) before you start with your eye makeup. Apply soft black liner to the upper rim of your eyes which will make your eyes look glamorous.Finish up with two coats of mascara which will make your eyes look wider and brighter.

3. Darken your eyebrows:


A strong black brow frames your entire face and makes it look natural even with makeup. Choose a pencil that is one shade darker than your actual brows,this will enhance your features.

4. Add blush to your cheekbones:

shutterstock_2282569571 copy

Blush can be used to create contour and shape of the face.Even if the photo is black and white, your cheekbones will look sculpted and defined. Choose a shade which is little darker so it pops up in the camera.

5. Apply suitable lipstick:

011116-gg-lipstick-new-lead copy

Go with cheery red lipstick if you are fair,pink if you have wheatish skin and nude shades if you have darker complexion.Apply a little gloss so that your lips don’t shine much in the camera.

 After this, you will be photo-ready and you will definitely have great pictures !!

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