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From the day one when we (Girls ) born in family, Firstly our grandparents get annoyed why we took birth why there is not a baby boy and the whole overcharge goes to a Mother who is kind of paralyze , half dead while giving birth and Grand mothers dont understand that they are also women how can they expect such things because we are creativity of God not of Human and this narrow thinking is continued since years yes since years going but this thinking is appearing slowly but still people expect , where we baby girl at the time of birth get annoying faces , bad words , comminate by society instead of getting blessings .

And then when we start growing up then Parents think of our Marriage and so many things again come on us , where we have to fight for our study , our needs , not to wear short clothes , not to burp in public what people will say ,so many things so on….

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Parents , Relatives start instructing  , teaching us that you have to be polite with others , respect your elders , sacrifice for your needs , we as a girls start feeling dump as we dont get much respect , much values but as ERA changing We girls / women are making our own values , Growing like anything . People are listening to us but still why world expect every time from Women only why not from Men ?

Might be if women is housewife still she is called that what she do on daily basis at home ? where the truth is something else – she manage whole family ,there are so many things which are endless and there is no count the work a housewife do ( Very tough Job she plays )

If Women is doing Job and doing good then a Husband or Brother their she suffers if she is doing good leaving them behind ,still world expect to manage home as well as Job where as  if she dont so she is called careless , casual with the things she is not leading the family well.

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And the enjoyment starts when she get married so everyone says we’ll take care of her , she is our daughter now but then the facts slowly come all of sudden tan-tramps start in family , even if a roti is not gol then she has to listen , in case mother in law is doing something and daughter in law is sitting then husband start scolding why cant you do this my mother is doing you are so irresponsible . She is responsible for taking care of her children , she cant miss anything   Are we like seriously ?

If she is raped which is growing like anything in our country and people just make fun , videos , and there as well they start folting girls instead of giving punishment and this will go like this only.

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We need to take charge of our life in our hand only instead of giving it to anyone Because at the end we should not regret to our decision what we took thought our life.

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