Maggi Coming Soon

Nestle India has confirm that Maggi cleared all the test conducted by three laboratories. The company also said that they will only sell newly manufactured product which are cleared by designated three laboratories.

The question which is arise in everyone’s  mind that Maggi noodles are safe or not but the Nestle India stated that Maggi has conducted over 3500 test representing 200 packs in both national and international accredited laboratories and all the reports are clear . And it is safe.


Apart from this the different countries including Australia, US, UK and other have found that Maggi is safe for consumption in India.


Nestle will continue to collaborate with FSSAI and with other stakeholders, The Company said. The FSSAI had banned the Maggi by saying that it is “unsafe” after finding the lead levels beyond the limits.


Nestle India challenged the FSSAI in Bombay high court. The judges ordered Nestle India to send five samples of each variant to three accredited labs in Punjab, Hyderabad and Jaipur and asked the labs to give their reports within six weeks. The samples would be drawn from 750 crates of samples lying with the company. Nestle India, which took a hit of Rs 450 crore, including destroying over 30,000 tonnes of the instant noodles since June when it was banned because of alleged excessive lead content, had stated that it would continue with the existing formula of the product and not change the ingredients.


Apart from this I am waiting for Maggi and I think everyone is waiting. And I hope everyone going to accept it positively.


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