Loneliness push person in Depression

INTRODUCTION: What is loneliness?There are so many definition of loneliness but according to
me,”Loneliness is a part of solitude or being alone”.Loneliness is defined as feeling
lonely.When a person or human find themselves lonely it is being difficult for them to connect
with others.
A person who suffers with loneliness that is very complicated with them.All persons are
different and all have some various sign of loneliness.Being lonely is not the same as being
depressed but after getting mental illness like you are with your family,friends in spite of
this you feel alone it means you are suffering with depression.When a person in depression they
felt themselves helplessness and hopelessness.They lost their interest in daily activities and
with others.A person loose their tolerate level,short temper,thinking unwanted things,feel cry
and do not want to meet anyone and go anywhere.Concentration power getting low,making any
decision etc.Depressed people get physically issue also such as,”headache,aching muscles,taking
and feeling tension for unexpected things.

Teenagers kids also get depression.There are so many changes you find in teens like their unexpected behaviour,eating habits,irresponsible like,being late for school,skipping school,loss of interest in taking food,using alcohol.So many teens depressed due to their families,teachers and friends too.Many Children who does not get and spend their time with parents and family.We know that many children get suicide due to depression. Because in this era we see that studying now a days is  being like a competition. No one wants to keep themselves behind and their parents also force them to get highest marks and top where they studies due to this children get depressed and started to harm themselves.

I want to share a quote one of my favourite lines:
“People never understand the feeling of depressed person,their depression is not show this much outside how much they feel inside”.


*If a person feel lonely without knowing why, you may consult with therapy.
*For a depressed people or woman it is good to seek treatment right away. Your first action should be to visit a doctor or psycho  therapy.
*Do not keep your feeling bottled up share to whom you trust.
*Exercise regularly.
*Stay in touch with loved ones.
*Parents should  talk and be like a friend with their children.Listen what they want,like,dislike.
*Do not push and force so much for anything.
*In spite of this if your teen will not open to you meet their favourite teacher,best friend and health professional.
*Suggest activities such as sports,dance music,art and some more.
*Teens needs sleep more than adults.

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