Living ‘Internet Lifestyle’ during Lockdown

It was a time when internet was more used for entertainment. Now during this pandemic situation, lockdown has changed our lifestyles. Now we are living an ‘Internet Lifestyle.

The search for best sanitizer, mask and dried packed food has become the new Trending on internet . These are now flown off from the market shelves. Not only the supermarket baskets are filling but the entertainment is also filled up by the digital TV platforms like Netflix, Zee5 and more. Staying at home has not only affected our normal lifestyle but also affected our online behaviour.

While online streaming is more popular now, the airlines tickets and movie theatres are dwindling .

The wide change in the internet habits can be witnessed as –

  • NEWS –

The current scenario has led to an increase in the digital news channels , news portals and e- newspapers that provide the credible news information to viewers. Here they have choice to see the news of different genres like lifestyle news, political news, entertainment news, international news and more. So, people are more e-paper savvy than the printed hardcopy of the newspaper. Thus, it is causing a restrain the growth of Print Media.


Due to the lockdown when the shootings of all the new episodes of TV shows and upcoming movies is on hold , the TV channels are thus providing the stocked content in form of bringing back the old shows on TV. Even though these shows are all time hit and revive our nostalgic days , still people are waiting for the fresh content. This has created a change in discourse of entertainment for the viewers from TV to digital shows . Now binge watching is emerging as a new trend with variety of digital platforms . Digital platforms such as Netflix , Amazon Prime , Zee5 , Hotstar etc are providing a fresh content according to the desire of the viewer. They have different genres based on different prevailing social issues , general knowledge , crime , family dramas , health based dramas , movies etc. These are entertaining viewers more and viewers have right to choose what they want to watch .


This time of crises is creating a boost for social media , as people pass most of their time by socializing on social media platforms like FACEBOOK , WHATSAPP, SNAPCHAT, TIKTOK ,YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM . Connecting with friends on video chats, posting pictures to creating videos, subscribing cooking channels on YOUTUBE to following healthcare pages on INSTAGRAM all has become the routine of this lockdown life.


Zoom , Teams are on the top list from online classes to video conferencing groups . These have become one of the most popular apps during this pandemic situation. Not only these apps , people are also looking for online courses and classes for new learning.



With the view of maintaining social distancing, people are looking for alternate fitness options. Uploading crazy dance videos on TIKTOK to searching out home workout exercises on YOUTUBE , all these are now dwelling as a fitness mania for people while staying indoors.

This indoor fitness trend is creating hurdle for Gyms , stadiums and other fitness centre to woo their customers back.


Since , pandemic situation and lockdown has pushed people to temporary disconnect people with their normal lifestyles . Internet is connecting people with the virtual world more. Internet has become part and parcel of people’s lifestyle .



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