Life is full of Targets – How to Tackle!

Every day when we wake up , there are lot of tendencies in your head , I will do this today but does it really happens. At End of Day when we sit and relax and think then interestingly it is found that the set of targets meant for that were not even able to considered for that day.
This is not because lack of planning or something , it is just we start running with lots of queries or things or issues or problems or any other things affecting our schedules as decided. It is a very normal scenario. But when it comes to achievement of something for a longer run lets say a month, year or so on very important is to believe in yourself.
People may have excuses of not getting targets achieved but checking where on the rock we stand in form of percentage will define that you are traveling on correct path or not. If running away from yourself with situations is solution of something then all great people who had come out with bright colors in there career would not have been also able to do it.
So, Give it a thought before you step back from your targets and live life in Excuses!

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