Life after college

It is a mix feeling that all students feel after completing the graduation .On one hand , There is a happiness of getting degree on other hand you are leaving every thing behind and moving on into real world . Some students go for higher studies where some are ready to take financial responsibilities. Here are the changes that students feel after completing their graduation :

No more Homework and Exams :It is one of the best thing that graduate feel . Every student  stay away from doing Homework but after college , your homework will be searching for “ what to do next ? “.

Missing fun and enjoyment : Yeah college life is full of fun and enjoyment with friends. After colleges names of friends are limited in contact list of your phone . Every body gets busy in their own life .

 Higher Studies : Some students are not ready for the  job and want to study more . Facing the problem of which course to choose . There are some students who are preparing for government exams also .

Landed the job : You have accepted an offer and your first day is imminent . so exciting ! but  in college if you do not complete your homework you get bad grade whereas you may lose your job if work do not complete your work before deadlines .

Life after growing up is not  easy . Nothing going to happen what you expect . So guys enjoy your College life !

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