Learn to say – NO !!!

There is no harm in saying YES, but the thing is there is also no harm in saying NO. Here my concept in this topic is to learn the professionalism at every period of time which insists our inner soul to become a different persona for others & for yourself.
Saying YES all the time is not a good sign of individuality being a well cultured human being. For you, it can be a help, respect, friendship, love & affection etc, but may not for others.

“Every person in this planet wants a peaceful life with less number of problems in life & wants more number of opportunities“

My above phrase indicates that how the white collars, students, employees, faculties, & all blue collar workers faces the most pressure from their seniors, batch mates & colleagues etc. Every time they cannot say YES but for giving a token of respect & love or help they comes under a pressure or workload.

Let me take you to an instance which happened with a fellow friend of mine & he was an adorable man, his behavior towards society was good. He never wanted to hurt others from his side, so whenever the favor has been asked by others, he did it without saying NO. In case of any help, suggestions, financial support, heartbroken, loneliness & full social support so everyone use to take advantage of him all the time & that innocent guy was made fool every time by others.
Finally the time came when this innocent guy was in need of help for his father & his father was in ICU (no personal information given) & he was in need of blood. The guy went door to door to his friends, relatives, teachers but very few came up to help. No one had the courage to help that poor innocent guy who helped them more than several times.

Our surroundings always have an impact on us, we should always analyze the situation before saying YES.

Life is uncertain….we should always wear our safety jackets first before helping others..!!!

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