Latest Updates on Pokemon Go Game : Must Read It If You Are Its Fan

               About  ”  PokeMon  Go “


A few weeks ago , everybody was busy in staring  at their phone but the question is what they are doing ?  The answer is beyond your thinking , they are busy locating , capturing , battling or training fictional creatures called Pokemon ” A favourite cartoon of every child “.The  name of the game is “Pokemon Go ” . It is a free to play location based augmented reality game that has the world by storm since its release . It is released on July 6 . Pokémon Go has been downloaded 650 million times, but now it has 65 million active players.

There are many people who are not familiar with this game and wondering what is this ? Here is a brief rundown .

Pokemon is first originated as Nintendo video game in 1995 . Firstly it has targeted children and nostalgic adults who played  the game in their free time . The Idea of creating this game has came from an April fool ‘s joke .



Nearly a year after Pokémon Go first had grown adults legging it through local parks to catch their first Rattata while dogs and children looked on in horror, Niantic, it’s creator, is dropping a major birthday update.

First on the menu is a major gym overhaul. From now on, you’ve got to take your responsibilities as a Pokémon parent seriously, stopping by a gym where you have a Pokémon to feed it and boost its motivation. If you don’t, it’ll weaken over time, making it easier to defeat and causing a reduction in its CP if it’s defeated several times.


Of course there are critic also who say this game may end within months but there are millions fans who think it is just a beginning of long term movement . What do you believe ?





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